Banquet Sketch



*Not all images will load.  Please see me for these.

1. Ropes for Sailors.  Must be rigged to come from the catwalk, and be struck quickly.

2. Swords for Sebastian and Antonio.  Kind and how carried TBA.

3. “Burthen of wood” for Caliban.  Should be a little smaller than the photo, but carried in the same manner.

4.  Should be sized as a large flask “Bottle which I made of the bark of a tree . . .”

Some starter ideas:

5. Log for Ferdinand to carry.  We should be impressed.
6. Walking Stick for Gonzalo.  He has pick this up to lean on, he is tired. It should not be taller than his shoulder.
7. Banquet should include wine, fish, lamb, fresh produce and other Mediterranean goodies.  Sketch forth coming.
8. “Glistening Apparel”  TBA work with costumes.
9. Chess Set.  Is this an item sent by Gonzalo, or is it fashioned of island materials?
10. Sand for Prospero to make his circle.
11. Staff for Prospero. Must be level with the eyes.