Notes from Meeting 9/2/11

We first revisited my question about the page + dialogue of observations on the “island inhabitants” who bring the feast for the Italians. This dialogue will be reduced as it covers more time than we need to make the feast appear.

Caliban needs a unique entrance in the area of Prospero’s cell. “Here you sty me in this rock.”. Might be US of cave or from beneath Miranda’s sleeping rock.

Notes on the sketch:
Driftwood log will move SR. The DC space will have a lg. rock, that will function like a hotel lobby poof. Also, Prospero will make his circle around the rock and then stand upon it. This will give him focus as others gather within the circle.

DSL will appear wetter than DSR. And the pool of practical water will be DSL.

Additional branches may appear SL. Not sure about this yet. Hoping to keep island as barren as possible. Thinking about other options.

Moon in drawing irrelevant, as most of play takes place during daylight. Perhaps it appears in the storm?

An additional set of steps will be added to to the SL area “Another part of the island” that will be used by everyone.